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Versions of the Doult surname can be traced back through at least four-and-a-half centuries. But to date the details remain rather vague.

One of the main aims of this recently launched site therefore is to start piecing together more of that history. You are invited to take part.

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Your own email address is provided absolutely free – well it doesn't cost anything to set it up or maintain – and you can either use it to log-in directly using Doult.net's own email server – including webmai facilitiesl – or you can have it re-directed to your existing email address.


Doult International is intended for everyone and anyone whose family name is or was Doult … or Dalt … or Dolt … or Dalts … or Dolte … or Dool … or Doulte … or Dould … or Dowlte. But surprisingly not Doulton. (Explanation on Dutch derivation page)

As you will see this site is still at an early stage of development so we are asking for help and ideas on how to develop. We would like to hear from as many members of the Doult et al., family as possible. Especially from you.

The family name Doult – and its variations – is spread across the globe … though admittedly rather thinly. As you probably already realise. you have a rare and unusual surname.

However whether in California … Canberra … Calgary … Cape Town or Camden Town,  if your name is –  or used to be – Doult … Dalt … Dolt … Dalts … Dolte … Dool … Doulte … Dould … or Dowlte, you are cordially invited to contibute to the information on this website