Records of births, marriages and deaths  since the 15th century reveal snippits of  information about the family name Doult.  But much of the family history remains hazy and uncertain.

So one of the main aims of this site is to start piecing together more of that history – and in the process it is hoped to make contact with as many Doults as possible.

The fact that you have reached and started to explore this website means there is a strong probability that you too have links with the family.

This website has been created by Bill Doult who lives in Berkshire, England.

His email address is

Maybe it is your name, was your name, or is the name of a friend, relative or colleague. If so, please make contact with us via the contact page. or by emailing info@doult.net

As you will see, the website is still at an early stage of development.   More pages will be added as the site grows.  How it grows will be up to anyone whose name is Doult.

There are likely to be many changes in on this website over the coming months. Nothing about this site is permanent or set in concrete. Not even the name Doult International.  If someone can come up with a better name for the website – and there must be someone – please pass on your ideas.

At present the photographs used to illustrate the site – apart from those on the Hertfordshire page – are not especially relevant but it is hoped many more photographs will become available.  Again, help or ideas would be welcome.

Also any proposals about how we should build the website would be appreciated – along with any genealogical information, links, photographs etc.